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Past To Present 

You know what sucks the most in a relationship?

Knowing each others pasts…

Its not that you don’t accept it or like it I mean not the positives but the negatives.

But on the other hand, negative or positive you have to embrace it ‘cause being a part of their lives is being a part of their everything and being a part their everything means a lot.

I mean if you wanted to be apart of someone you have to embrace his/her ups and downs and accept the past negative events of their life.

kaye xx

(unfinished …)


Dear First and Last 💙

Happy 8th Monthsary First and Last 💙 baby i know this month have been the complicated month so far with me making you upset 4 times in less than 2 weeks this has been the most annoying month thanks to me despite that you still do give me chances to love. Baby i know this month is the month were i made you upset a lot. I wanna say thank you so so so much for being here with me and staying with me despite me making you upset every month the only way i think i shall repay your kindness is to go through all these with you together , to always be there for you irregardless of being a couple or not , to always love you and to never ever give up on you another thing that i really want to do is to make you happy this month to show you that despite you treating me the way i dont even asked for , i still love you alot and i mean it my love for you shouldnt be an issue now because i know i love you you know i love you and ofcourse God and everybody knows i love you. Baby , im not trying to be a lecturer here but yeah baby , 8 months of love and I’ve observed you . So baby , yeah back to the point , i just wanna say i love you really and i want you to stay please . baby dont let the dark side control you baby chances are that might leave me still but i have this 106 forever% confidence in you that you will stay. I just have it baby. I love you baby 💙 simple ways to make you feel better . 1) chins up 2) take 2 fingers and place them on your cheeks 3) push your fingers up . there you go ! a wide smile for an angel 😊 i love you baby 💙 im sorry for everything but like i said , my love for you will never fade 💙

No eyes 😁 ( kayeberrylicious18 💙)

note to self: When you finally get something good; enjoy it. Don’t go trying to get something better.

note to self: When you finally get something good; enjoy it. Don’t go trying to get something better.

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